Woensdag 25 mei

Ultra Silvam, Destructo & Sword Breaker

  • Deur open: 20:30
  • Start: 21:00
  • Entree: € 7,-


Ultra Silvam

Hailing from Malmö, Sweden, Ultra Silvam has since its start in 2016 made a name for themselves as not only one of the most promising, new names in the black metal-genre, but also as a furious live act, notorious for their bloody and macabre antics not easily forgotten once experienced.

With their second album “The Sanctity of Death” released through the legendary Shadow Records this year, Ultra Silvam captures the essence of black metal with its intense mix of violent deathrashing madness and heavy metal melodicism.

This is Swedish black metal of death in it's purest raw & uncompromised form! The Spearwound Salvation and Sanctity of Death has come...


Destructive, merciless, and total fukk-off-driven! Formed in 2018 as a side-project between erstwhile Dödsrit and Nuclear Devastation bandmates Soulcrusher and Motörphallus as a tribute to bands like Sarcofago, Syphilitic Vaginas, and Japan’s Sabbat. As insanity, blasphemy, narcotics, and intoxication all played their part in inspiring Destructo's debauchery, the power-trio amplifies those noble influences during their onslaught of cacophonic screams, primitive riffs, bulldozing bass, and berserking D-beats that all collide like a demon on a strict diet of whiskey and amphetamines.

Armed with a hostility that’s slicing and remorseless in equal measure and an overwhelming sense of danger both in songwriting and especially execution, the only answer is: This is the Devil's Rock'n'Roll!


Witchfukker stands for pure, uncompromised metal and devotion to the ugly and primitive ways of it, with raw power and a no-bullshit attitude they hammer down the law and shove an unhealthy dose of deathrash in your face!!

the only way to destroy mediocrity is with pure extremism!!!!