Zaterdag 1 oktober

Moving Rhythms

  • Deur open: 20:30
  • Start: 21:00
  • Entree: pre-sale 8 eur, door 10 eur

Great party, Great atmosphere with Great #vinyl dj’s with Great variation. From #underground #spacedisco to #acid #electro #techno #rave

Line up 01-10-2022: TO BE ANNOUNCED

Rhythm is a universal feature of the human experience. Music and patterns may vary widely from culture to culture, but we all share an innate rhythmical sense. Good rhythms evoke deep primal feelings at the core of the shared human experience. Moving Rhythms intends to bring together people who share this conviction and let them enjoy the best 'moving rhythms' from vinyl mostly. Moving Rhythms is not stuck to a single genre like 'house' or 'techno'. On this night we'll move from deep dynamic grooves in all styles like obscure disco to driving underground house, acid, off-the-beaten-track-techno and uncut oldschool rave

These dj's know their stuff and play it mostly straight from vinyl. Come celebrate electronic music with us!

Ticket sale will start August 12 on Eventbrite